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Waste bins

The challenge of managing not just your daily rubbish but also sorting it for recycling is easily solved with Elletipi’s wide range of innovative waste bin solutions. Our modular, flexible systems are designed to fit any size drawer or cupboard and make the most of all available space.
They are easy to install, extremely easy to use and are versatile, with designated spaces to hold your cleaning products. On top of the functional aspects, the clean, minimalist design can be enjoyed in a range of colours and finishes.


Pull-out system for cupboards

Pull-out waste bins on runners that are fastened to the cupboard base and can be fully extracted. A wide range of sizes, finishes and number of containers.


Swing-out for cupboard doors

Waste bins attached to a cupboard door. When you open the cupboard, the waste bin becomes available. A wide selection of finishes and opening mechanisms.


For drawers

Waste bin systems that sit inside drawers. Adaptable to all dimensions, they can be used for other purposes such as storing cleaning products. A wide range of sizes, finishes and number of containers.


Automatic opening

Waste bin solutions in which the lid automatically opens, for greater ease and convenience. A range of mechanisms for every installation situation. A wide range of sizes, finishes and number of containers.


Built-in cabinet style

Cabinet-style waste bin systems with runners and frame that are mounted to the cupboard door or base. Built into the cupboard, they are the perfect solution for optimising space for large-capacity or multiple bins.


Built-in for drawers

Cabinet-style waste bin systems without runners that are attached to the facing of existing drawers.


For corner cupboards

Waste bin system on runners and a frame that optimise the corner space of a cupboard.


Large capacity

Waste bin system with 18-litre capacity containers.


Single container

Waste bin solution made up of a single container.