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Our philosophy, mission and vision

With Elletipi,
life is simply easier!

At Elletipi, we have been responding to the needs of the market and observing changes in the way we use our kitchens for decades. We understand that even the simplest accessory, such as a rubbish bin, cutlery tray or dish drainer, is an integral element of daily life.
The kitchen is not just a space where we prepare meals, but the heart of the home. It’s the place where guests and household members inevitably gravitate to, often where we sit around a table and chat, exchange news, create bonds of friendship or have family discussions. Elletipi makes those everyday occasions even more special by removing the stress and helping you to organise and make the most of your space so that your kitchen becomes more user-friendly and functional. In short, our accessories make everything easier!

Our mission

Our mission is all about simplicity through functional, useful, streamlined design. We develop and produce user-friendly, practical and elegant products that are so useful you simply cannot do without them.

Our core values run throughout everything we do, built upon a foundation of honesty and transparency so that we create relationships where all parties benefit and share the same goal. On top of that:

  • Design & Quality: Made in Italy design and manufacturing principles are fundamental to creating simple, everyday products that are both functional and eye-pleasing.
  • Innovation:We take nothing for granted and always believe we can do more and do things better. This is the basis for creating a future that is beyond anything we know.
  • Competitiveness: The capacity to reframe and an assertive attitude have proved fundamental in becoming a truly international brand. These traits also inspire and drive us to take great Italian design to the world in the form of everyday products.

Our vision

Elletipi’s vision can be summed up through the lyrics of an old song which was acclaimed not only for its great tune but also its message:

  • Work it harder: We work hard to achieve the goals we set ourselves. There is no stopping us, no resting on our laurels. Working hard every day is immensely satisfying!
  • Make it better: When we see a simple object, we see the chance to improve the life of someone by transforming a banal action or activity into a simple, pleasurable moment.
  • Do it faster: The world is changing faster than ever, but we look at change as a challenge and an opportunity to create value.
  • Makes us stronger: Working in the right way is simply better for everyone. We benefit, our suppliers benefit, we build more meaningful partnerships and our clients and customers are happy.