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Kitchen storage solutions

At Elletipi, a leading name in the kitchen storage accessories sector, we have been designing innovative and original space-saving solutions since 1954.

We produce a wide range of practical items to help you organise every centimetre of your kitchen, including sturdy, coloured waste bin holders; trays and under-sink drawers; wooden, steel or plastic cutlery trays and stylish wall-mounted and freestanding plate racks.

We believe that the kitchen is a space to be enjoyed!

That’s why we are committed to researching and developing solutions to help make that happen.

Our R&D department comprises a team of engineers and designers who spend every day experimenting and devising smart new ways to optimise kitchen space with versatile, practical products that are easy to use, a breeze to install and pleasing to the eye.

Solutions for a better life

“The design problem arises from a need.” (L. B. Archer)

Elletipi designs and produces high-quality kitchen space-saving solutions. We don’t believe in compromising when it comes to quality. Our products may look like incredibly simple objects, but each of them is designed to meet a specific need so we experiment until we find the ideal shape and the perfect balance between functionality, affordability and ease of use.

We devote enormous attention to developing useful accessories that really make a difference to the time you spend in the kitchen, and are easy and a joy to use. And, because we understand that no two kitchens are the same, you can choose from a range of finishes, from classic to modern design, to find your perfect solution.