Under drawer wastebinsCOMPO SWISS

Under drawer wastebins COMPO SWISS

Product line of waste separation with a big capacity for under sink drawers created for the needs of the Swiss market. The system consists out of a structure of galvanized sheet steel and epoxy powder painted single block in which are located the bins and also equipped with a small storage compartment. As an option, there is a metal lid fixed on the side of the base which function is to cover the large container or also available as a full pull out hidden drawer. The seat of location of the bins is characterized by a deep-drawn profile which strengthen the structure and gives it a clean look .


  1. Structure of galvanized sheet steel and epoxy powder painted made into a single block.
  2. Location for bins finished with a deep-drawn profile.
  3. Containers in polypropylene recyclable with a total capacity till 48 liters.
  4. Trays for detergents and various cleaning accessories.
  5. Available for kitchen base units 550 mm and 600 mm; 450mm deep.
  6. The BLUM® version for suits both Tandembox and the Legrabox systems.
  7. All systems are equipped with bins with lid and 1 anti odour filter (regenerable washing with up to 50. times.
  8. Available as optional fixed shelf or full pull out drawer.
  9. Easy installation.
  10. Easy to clean.
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