Catalogue - frontal extraction waste bins - city - Art.PTA 4045B

dimensions in centimetres:
  • N� of pieces per package: 1
  • Package size: 48x36x44
  • N� of pieces per pallet: 20
  • Pallet size: 80x120x240
  • C01
  • C10
capacity of buckets in liters:
  • 18
  • 18
  • Runner: Metal
  • Finish: Plastic
  • Automatic lid opening
  • Total extraction
  • Active coal filter
  • Kitchen cupboard with door + minimun size

frontal extraction waste bins - city

A unique system for complete removal of waste that needs to be separated, with an original design. Careful study of the design and shapes to make a product that is totally ergonomic and easy to use, developed in collaboration with “Lineaguida”.

1. Fully recyclable plastic product.
2. Runners and extraction device made only of metal.
3. Supplied in 3 widths and 2 depths.
4. A unique hatch with a flap to dispose of small pieces of waste.
5. Upper shelf that can be used to keep objects (detergents, sponges, etc.).
6. All the bins have a bucket and a lid with an odour filter (which can be regenerated by washing for up to 50 times).
7. Space saving shaped side.
8. Easy to assemble with just 4 screws.

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ELLETIPI • frontal extraction waste bins - city
ELLETIPI • frontal extraction waste bins - city