Elletipi at SICAM 2016 (Fiera di Pordenone, 18-21 October 2016)

The Eighth edition of SICAM 2016 closed with very positive signs for the furniture industry; many visitors arrived at Pordenone and many people stopped at our stand.

The amount of the public coming from foreign countries has confirmed the right strategy of internationalization of our company, which for decades distributes through collaboration in four continents and in recent years has wanted to focus even more on research and development of products that respond to the global needs.

We thank all the guests with their interest which have made us live with satisfaction and enthusiasm this event.

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Elletipi at Interzum - May 5–8 2015

We are happy to inform you that this event, the most prestigious in the international sector, was for Elletipi Srl a great success!

There have been many visitors to our stand and all have shown a great interest for our products; confirming the wide range offer of Elletipi Srl and our specialized capacity (after more than 50 years of research) in producing kitchen accessories, systems for recycling and organizers for drawers.

Particularly appreciated was the expansion of the range of big capacity inner bins, which allows us and enables our customers to find solutions even in those countries where it always was requested such features.

Great satisfaction have raised the positive comments of the producers of drawers (world leaders) about our new products, which are perfectly integrated with their systems creating beautiful and functional organizers.

The immediate feedback have proven that Elletipi Srl is a partner attentive to the market both in terms of supply and competitiveness; all have identified us also an excellent reference for the supply of products contract basis.

We inform that the news in 2015 will not stop here .. soon will see the release of our new General Catalog!

A heartfelt thanks to all those who have permitted to transform the work of all of us in a great satisfaction.


Elletipi alla fiera SICAM di Pordenone - 15-18 ottobre 2013

5 years after the opening of the international semi-finished components and accessories for the furniture industry SICAM 2013 has ended and confirmed an international character that you do not imagine for a trade show that takes place in a small town like Pordenone.
In fact, despite the market situation has resulted in a slight decrease of exhibitors, the number of visitors has been the same for years before, consolidation of a significant increase in percentage of those from EC countries and other continents.
Elletipi Srl is enthusiastic with the achieved results; lies ahead for the future of important collaborations with famous international brands. Much appreciated was also the novelty presented this year: a solution for a cabinet base 30cm, which in addition facilitate the waste dividing with large containers, and it allows you to better organize objects for cleaning in handy storage containers.

Elletipi - Interzum

Confirming the expectations, INTERZUM 2013 once again proved to be the most important international event of its kind in Europe.

The many visitors who stopped by our booth showed again great interest in all our products, and have been able to see a preview of the news of 2013: the new system for SQUARE drawers with Blum ServoDrive.

Our clients and the new contacts from all parts of the world have appreciated Elletipi Srl for the results obtained from the continuous research of integrated systems in for the waste differentiation systems, which enhance the quality of life in the kitchen.


Great success for the Elletipi to SICAM Pordenone

Once again the SICAM (Pordenone) edition 2012 ended with a great success for Elletipi Srl.
Despite the awareness of the important international visibility of this event, Elletipi was surprised by the large number of visits to stand and the great interest shown towards the new patent pending product for this occasion.

New this year is the PATENTED accessory under sink drawer FREEFORM that will revolutionize the way we think of the under sink cabinets. Its stylish and minimalist design, reflects the style of Elletipi that combines aesthetics and functionality, but there are many other peculiarities that make it unique among others on the market (among them there are some technical features that allow greater flexibility in production and important logistics optimizations).
Here is the link to the detail page of the online FREEFORM: FREE FORM.

Equally interesting have proved containers for the separate collection of the series COMPO EVO. This latest creation born in the house Elletipi is basically a housing made out of epoxy painted metal with openings for the bins to have order and cleanliness in the drawer.
Here is the link to the detail page of the COMPO EVO online: COMPO EVO.

For the wooden cutlery line was created WOOD SLIME LINE characterized with a subtle cutlery dividers and minimalist design in white painted available for drawers from 400 to 1200mm with the possibility to accessorise with a knife holder.
Here is the link to the detail page of the WOOD SLIME LINE online: WOOD SLIME LINE.

But the previews do not end here, in fact, with the goal of providing an answer to every need, the Elletipi has implemented its accessories catalogue going to enter a metal lid epoxy painted metal tilting that optimizes the use of the bins for separate collection because it opens and closes automatically in cases of opening of the drawer.

The design, functionality and quality of the products presented have only served to strengthen the position of Elletipi as a partner of the leading furniture manufacturers and distributors of accessories for itself in the world.

SICAM Pordenone 2012

En breve se llevará a cabo uno de los eventos más importantes de nuestra industria, la Feria del SICAM 2012.
También este año Elletipi Srl estará presente con un stand de más de 60 m³, que se encuentra en la misma situación de los años anteriores (Hall 2 Stand A2/B3), donde exhibirá todas nuestras soluciones para la cocina (los sistemas ecológicos, y escurridor cubiertos).
Por la presente me gustaría invitar a usted personalmente y luego reenviar la vista previa importante para la presente ocasión.
Es un sistema patentado altamente innovadora y flexible, que va a cambiar la forma de pensar de estos accesorios disponibles hoy en día en la mayoría de las cocinas producido tanto en Italia como en el extranjero.
Esta innovación no sólo se destacan por su diseño y elegancia, traerá a sus organizaciones también ventajas considerables en términos de logística y producción.
Diseñado para garantizar la versatilidad (como una "variedad de peticiones de los clientes") y optimización (que se define como "el uso del espacio" y "procedimientos de manufactura esbelta / el inventario"), se puede personalizar según sus necesidades y por supuesto, garantizada por nuestros estándares de calidad (gracias a la cual somos el líder en el mercado por más de 50 años).
Nos vemos en el 2012 SICAM Pordenone, donde les mostraremos toda la exclusividad de nuestra innovación y donde, si lo desea, les obsequiemos con un pequeño regalo que caracteriza nuestra zona de producción.

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